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how are you answer in creative way

Let me tell you!” And then they go into this long-winded story about how horrible their day has been. That kind of use of “like” makes you sound like a complete imbecile (sorry Americans, but you know it’s true). • Let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you. They shut the brain down and stop it from thinking. Ha ha! The words you repeat to yourself on a daily basis become your reality. Just by simply saying it, you can feel the, Simply by sharing the reason she was happy and content with her life. It's become a reflex. So next time when someone asks you, “How are you?” Change things up. https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? Being grateful and having gratitude is a powerful way to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. What if I’m not having a good day? Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Similar to the word happy, fantastic is a state of mind and it’s something you can control. But have you noticed how the default answer to that question is often bland and dull? It’s a question that is asked every single day, millions of times, all over the world. When a good opportunity arises, they have a perfectly sound reason to back up their excuse of, “I can’t afford it.”, So when you ask them, “Well, why can’t you afford it?” They say, “Oh it’s because I don’t have enough money.”. The answers you provide should demonstrate that you can take on the day-to-day tasks required for the job and that you have development potential. How to Answer the “What Makes You Unique?” Question Before you work out how you’ll answer this question, take some time to research the company and the job.The more you know about the organizational goals of the employer, the better equipped you’ll … I hope you’re keeping well, too.”, “You all right?” is not british, its common in the states too, it might just mean something different. thank you for your cool answer but you know i want some answer that i can tell to my teacher you know what i mean a little more polite but fun. Now, you might be wondering, “What are you talking about? What about if you’re talking to your boss or the queen of Sweden? Do you now see how your words can literally shape your reality? But keep in mind this concept is not anything new. “How are you?” “I’m fine, thank you.” Do you find yourself saying these phrases again and again? Open up your cabinet of curiosities. This is interesting. If you were skeptical, then I wouldn’t blame you, because most people wouldn’t have any idea where to begin coming up with so many different ways to respond to that common greeting. And I couldn’t help but appreciate her unique answer. 37-58: Your creativity is a "work in progress." If both parties feel good, then you’ll probably have a good conversation you’ll both enjoy. People will expect you to say “good” or “fine,” so surprise them by coming up with an unexpected answer. OK, so now you know some more interesting ways to ask and answer “How are you?”. Unless you lock yourself in a room watching Netflix all day long, you probably get asked the question, “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” multiple times per week, 52 weeks per year. Find a time in your history when you’ve used a bit of creativity to solve a problem in the long term, and that’s the answer you’ll want to use for this question. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not. When you respond like this, do you know what will probably happen next? This reply is one of my personal favorites when people ask me, “How are you?” Because when I say this to people, I often get glowing looks of curiosity. When you want to ask someone to give you something and you feel you need to be polite, it’s always a good idea to “soften” the sentence — I like the phrase: “Would it be OK if I got your number?” 3. Don’t be afraid to get personal and talk about your journey. I like ‘living the dream’ or ‘keeping on keeping on’.. Good write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s site, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time. You get paid based on how much value your skill brings to the marketplace. Or someone you’d like to flirt with and show interest in. I enjoyed it. Here is one word to get the job done when people ask, “How are you?” You can simply say, “Fantastic.”, Just like any of the other replies, when it comes to how to answer How are you, this is another response that catches people by surprise. Yes, definitely. You should now have a pretty good understanding of how powerful your words affect your life. . What makes you so happy?”. “Go out and ask five people what your strengths are, and tell them to give you a … Even if you do not consider yourself to be a 'creative person,' there is a significant change that you have made creative minded decisions in your career. . Yes! So your income is not restricted by what your boss or manager thinks you’re worth. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time. Because the minute you shift your mindset from “Why is this happening to me?” to “I wonder what I could learn from this.”. Now, let’s have a little bit of fun here and move on into the love department. A good answer and one that I use often. Because remember, the brain is a very pliable instrument. What do you say? You’ll end up talking about all the problems, the issues, and the drama you’re experiencing. How about a reply like vertical and breathing? You won’t believe what happened to me today!”, “How come nothing ever works out the way I want it to?”, “Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to what I have to say?”, Just like any of the other replies, when it comes to how to answer, is a state of mind and it’s something you can control. Unless you lock yourself in a room watching Netflix all day long, you probably get asked the question, “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” multiple times per week, 52 weeks per year. Listen In On Conversations With The Most Inspiring Founders & CEOs In The World As They Share The Secrets Behind Their Success. The tone of your voice has to align with your emotions when you’re saying any of these creative replies. When was the last time you heard someone say, “I’m happy and I’m grateful.” Because let’s face it, most people are not happy and even more are not grateful. Not only are words something you can easily control but you can change your words to have a positive attitude about life. You can have even more fun with this reply. For example, let’s say your goal is to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. When you’re answering calls at work, let the phone ring 2 or 3 times before you answer it. Then what happens next? Please stop. Put on a smock, and get ready to open your inner world up to us. If you are feeling ill or a little … This question is a way to break the ice and make you feel more comfortable during the interview process.However, some people might find this—and other interview questions about you—slightly stressful. I’d say “Never better!” is a positive, upbeat way of saying “Really well.” Probably stronger than just “I’m fine.”. Now, if you pay close attention to the way people respond to that question, here’s what you’ll notice: Most answers are either neutral or, in some cases, negative or pessimistic. It’s people who are energy drainers. your website is amazing. Here are some helpful tips and examples to help you determine how to answer what makes you unique. 4. These are skills that can help you earn at least $10,000+ or more in recurring monthly income. Now, be aware. Learn more with useful phrases to … please keep sending English lessons. Are you saying that I should just pretend like everything is fine? Far too often, people are so busy being busy all the time that they forget how to be grateful for everything they have – from the air they breathe into their lungs to all relationships they’ve formed in their life. Instead of … "How are you's" have been popping out of people's mouth as a substitute for hello's lately. But be careful! First, here’s what you shouldn’t say, “Oh everything is so horrible. Are you saying I already have my own natural skill sets that can help me make a high income?” The answer is yes. So now instead of going about your day with a scarcity mindset. Very simple. There are few better answers than those that are shown to now be used by an entire staff. Is that because it sort of doesn’t make sense? That’s another awesome on I’d forgotten about. it’s really good for me. When it comes to how to answer How are you, know that enthusiasm in an answer will always make you stand out as a person. He’s the “Clark” in Clark and Miller, a website that focuses on giving learners a deeper understanding of how English works through online courses and a blog that often features giraffes. There is a better way to open this kind of conversation which I will share with you in a moment. What I meant to say was that “You all right?” to mean “How’s it going?” is rather British and I haven’t seen it used like that elsewhere. If she tell you she doesn’t like something (maybe about someone something like that) tell her that you are exactly like that. You’re essentially inviting them to talk about why your life is not good. And it’ll help you have a more productive and thought-provoking conversation to solve whatever issues you’re experiencing. You see, it just won’t sound right and you’ll come off as weird. You will act and behave accordingly, to make those thoughts a reality. Or you might hear people say, “Well, I’m okay, I guess.” It leaves you wondering, Do they actually know how they’re doing? He can be found giving talks at conferences, cycling around post-Soviet neighbourhoods or performing music in empty bars. I get this feeling things are going great for you. To figure out what percent creative you are, we are going to have to figure out if you are left-brained or right-brained. “Absolutely Wonderful!” This is a simple yet highly effective way to breathe life into a dull and boring … Saying “never better” to the question “how are you?” in this situation would be a reasonable sarcastic response. Add some flair into your everyday existence and get creative… 4 Weird Tricks to Sound More Creative, Body Parts in English: 71 Parts of the Body You Might Not Know, Patterns in English: Everything You Need To Know (Almost), Making the Mountain Smaller: 3 Killer Strategies for Learning English Vocabulary, How to ask “How are you?” in different ways, How to answer “How are you?” in a creative way. And yes, I always will! The most common, universal answer to the question, How are you? actually happening in your life? When someone passes by you and innocently asks, “How are you?” Share this positive state of mind by replying with, “Fantastic!”, This is another one of my favorite ways to reply to, “How are you?” I simply say, “I’m happy and grateful, And you?”. Have some fun. He/she will be chucked out of the interview right there and then. Next time when someone greets you with, “How are you?” Respond with this answer and see what kind of reaction you get. 28 Phrases to Feel Comfortable in English Conversations, The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017, Surprising English Teaching Facts I Learnt Last Week – Advice From 4 Experts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_05qJTeNNI, WTF English? You’re opening your mind up to think about possible solutions and ways you can grow from your challenges. When it comes to how to answer How are you, you’ll now leave a better impression with the person you’re talking to next time and perhaps spark some interesting conversations. In short, I’m a descriptivist, not a prescriptivist. Because again, it sets a negative tone. This is definitely a great reply I will have ready with me the next time someone asks me, “So, how are you?” And I highly recommend you to do the same. Simply by sharing the reason she was happy and content with her life. I usually say something like, “Fair enough.”. In that case, you don't have to answer. So remember, if your intention is to share your happy state of mind, be sure to express the same emotion by smiling and showing you’re happy to go along with it. And someo say no im not giving you then what we say ?? It’s not a good idea to say, “I’m happy, thank you,” in a sad, depressing tone or voice nor is it good to say it in an annoyed or angry tone of voice. You can embrace all your natural qualities and use them to learn what I call High-Income Skills. Now, you might be thinking, “Well if I say that, doesn’t it mean I’m lying to myself? • I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do. To me, like many other things in life, this type of creativity is a skill. Why is this person so happy?”. When you’re not careful about what you say and just spit out things like, “Oh you know, it’s not bad.”. Or sometimes, even worse, you’ll hear them say, “I am TERRIBLE! But as you know, it’s nothing complicated. You are on my bookmark now. If I’m not feeling great, and someone asks how I am, I might say something like, “Could be better.” 2. Dan Lok is the founder of The Dan Lok Organization (which includes over two dozen companies) and is a venture capitalist currently evaluating acquisitions in markets such as education, new media, and software. If you’re someone who doesn’t like bragging about yourself, these kinds of questions can be difficult to answer. By preparing an honest, informative answer, you can help the employer recognize the valuable assets you’ll bring to their organization. What led you to where … TARGETjobs reveals the answers to avoid, the best skills to talk about, careers where innovation is in demand and other likely innovation interview questions. Either way, look for opportunities to improve how you do things, even if you don't have any current problems. Because enthusiasm is infectious. They are the ones that like to pull you down because they’re not happy about their own life. How to Answer “How Are You?” + 9 Interesting Ways to Ask It. Can you provide an instance where you have showcased the ability?” If the interviewee fumbles or gives a vague answer, he/she has had it! Are there really 15 creative ways for how to answer how are you? People might wonder, “Hey, so tell me what’s going on. Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times across social media for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. When you’re not careful about what you say and just spit out things like, “Oh you know, it’s not bad.”. For a position that requires a team leader: "I find that it’s easy for me to relate to a wide variety of people. And you repeat that affirmation twice a day every day with the attitude and belief that it’s already true. This is actually one of the defining differences that separate the poor from the rich. When not to answer. is something dull such as, “I’m good” or “I’m fine” or “I’m alright”. So this is a very powerful way to answer the question, “How are you?”. Are you saying I already have my own natural skill sets that can help me make a high income?” The answer is yes. Thanks a lot for this article! Oh cool! I hope you are still keeping well in these difficult times. It means you’re striving to be more and become better. Your words shape your world. Say “I’m okay, thanks” if you aren’t feeling well but want to be polite. I may just try a few of these:) Have some fun. What do you say? This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. Not only are words something you can easily control but you can change your words to have a positive attitude about life. Your webside is very good, OK — one by one: 1. Then what we say, The other thing is i want someone number so in polite what we say? The idea here is for you to take direct control of the words you use. The less self-interested you can make this answer, the better. You might have to miss an episode of your favorite TV show, you might have to miss an hour of sleep, but you can find the time if you look for it. Here’s another great and powerful answer. When is it correct to use it as a response? If they don’t want to give it to you, then there’s not much you can do, right? University of California Essay Prompts for Fall 2017 (Ideas for Answering Personal Insight Question No. This question means the same thing as "What's up" and can be answered in the same way. You can answer this way if your life has been really busy and exciting lately. And can “never better” be used in a sarcastic way? Pick up after 2 or 3 rings. And among the many skills you can learn, not many people are aware that there is an abundance of highly in-demand, lucrative career opportunities in the. Let’s look at: How to ask “How are you?” in different ways These are the 15 creative ways you can reply to the common greeting, “How are you?”. It prevents you from ever gaining valuable lessons from problems in your life and learning about what you can do to improve your situation. Or well, or good. 30 Natural English Phrases That You Totally Need. Before reading this article, you may have had your doubts. The words you repeat to yourself on a daily basis become your reality. It’s actually one that I heard once from a lady. These are skills that changed the trajectory of my life when I first immigrated from Hong Kong to Canada at the age of fourteen without a word of English on my lips. Even drove myself crazy! That was, like, our first ever English lesson, right? Most people who have a poor mindset are only focused on the problem itself. Yes, and last. Get Outside Input. When you practice saying affirmations regularly, you’re reprogramming your brain to think in terms of prosperity and abundance. Thanks for the information. “That was, like, our first ever English lesson, right?”. When you practice saying affirmations regularly, you’re. Thanks for the positive feedback Piyush. You can reply like this, “I’ve never felt better in a long time,” when someone asks you, “How are you?”. ‘Are you innovative?’ This tricky graduate interview question can intimidate graduates as they wonder how to show they are innovative. Avoid to ask question – Statements are far better at generating conversation. So when you respond like this, you are conditioning your brain to focus on all the things that make you happy.

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